Issue with additional login prompt after using Live ID

May 19, 2010 at 7:19 PM

Hi All,

I have successfully followed the installation guide and implemented the Customer Portal Accelerator. The homepage pulls up fine and so does the login page which requests a Live ID.

However, once I input a Live ID I get a second prompt. The window is similiar to when you login to a network.

I provide my internal creds and a webpage that looks similiar to Sharepoint comes up. However there is no data and only this message:

"An unexpected error has occurred."

Super descriptive! :)

Has anyone else ran into this issue or does anyone know why this is happening and how I can fix the setup?

Thanks in advance,


May 19, 2010 at 8:59 PM

Hi Ali,

Since your site is rendering fine, I expect that all the security things on your site are set up correctly.  Since you are only experiencing the issue when you log into Live ID, I suspect that the Live ID return url is not configured properly.  If the Live ID return url is configured to send your browser to another location, you could get additional authentication prompts and error messages.  I would recommend validating the return url from Live ID.  Ideally, it would be your portal url /liveid.axd.  For example, if you are using as your portal url, the return url would be

The error message you are seeing is not a portal error message.

Shan McArthur

May 21, 2010 at 3:49 PM


That worked perfectly, Thanks!

I matched up the ReturnURL and the httpHandlers and everything worked smoothly.

I'm able to create invintations and create a lead from the contact-us page.

Looking through the webpage and the discussions I have some concerns.

The required service picklist does not fill in even after I create a service, where does this picklist pull its values from?

Looking through the Customer Portal Functionality and Administration Guide_V1.0 doc, I noticed it mentioning eService for case management.

Did I need to have the eService accelerator installed before this install or can/should I install this now?

My Cases page shows a picklist with Active and Closed options....and nothing else.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks again,


May 21, 2010 at 4:24 PM

These are separate issues which probably should go in their own separate threads.

For service scheduling, the selector for the service type will list all service types that are schedulable and that have a description that contains the string *WEB*.  (see ScheduleService.aspx.cs line 165).  Also see page 7 in the "Customer Portal Functionality and Administration Guide_V1.0.doc" - it documents this requirement.

The guide mentions "eService module" on a number of occasions, but it introduces the topic mentioning that the customer portal includes an eService module.  This was done because many people are already familiar with the functionality included in the previous eService accelerator, but perhaps it is also confusing.  To be clear, you do NOT need the previous eService accelerator - that accelerator is not built upon the latest portal framework and does not have the full functionality of the current customer portal.

With regards to cases, the portal filters cases based on permissions.  A case security model has been introduced to allow portal administrators to have the capabilities of managing their portal security, including who has access to what cases.  This is done by configuring the Case Access Permissions entity (see the bottom of page 12 for more information).  Personally, I recommend an on-demand (manual) workflow that can set up case access, opportunity access, contact access, and account access permissions based on your own standard.  When you create a contact, simply start the manual workflow and have it set up all the related records.  I also recommend looking at the ViewCases.aspx.cs file so that you can understand how the case navigation UI is put together.

Shan McArthur