Can not view KB Articles after clicking on a link

Jun 21, 2010 at 8:52 PM


We are mainly utilizing the Contact Us and KBSearch/KBArticle pages for this first iteration. We desire no authentication at all. All content should be accessed anonymously. For pages that required authentication with OOB Live, I removed the redirect logic out of the Page_Loads. This seemed to do the trick for many of the pages, such like KBSearch. I can view the results of a Search successfully without logging in.

I commented this out of many of the Page_Load methods which seemed to do the trick at least for now.

//if (!Request.IsAuthenticated) { Response.Redirect(SiteContext.Current.Website.GetPageBySiteMarkerName("Login").GetUrl());

However, when I comment it out of KBArticle.aspx.cs, it still redirects me to Login.aspx when I click on a specific KB Article Link. What is the mechanism that is forcing this redirection if its not the Page_Load?