Getting Leads on to the Website.

Aug 12, 2010 at 5:20 PM
Hi, One of my client (Using Partner Hosted CRM) wants his leads data to be posted on his website so that his call center agents can pick each lead and then can call them. We have created a custom entity by the name 'Agent' and have given it two attributes 'Username' and 'password'. so when an Agent logs in, the username and password needs to be authenticated. And for this we need to access the CRMDiscoveryService on our CRM deployment so that we can access our system & custom entities via visual studio. But the support staff told me “Since we are on hosted environment I cannot provide that. Sorry for the inconvenience.” I have also already installed the customer portal accelerator but I don’t want to use the windows Live Id authentication process. Can someone guide me what should I do. Thanks in advance
Aug 12, 2010 at 8:46 PM

The customer portal accelerator is definately a good option for you.  The default site is shipped with Live ID, but in reality, the portal framework can use any membership provider.  The new CRM demo VPC is configured to use an Active Directory membership provider, and I show how to convert your site in my blog article:

Another option is to use the commercial version of the portal accelerators from Adxstudio that give you additional membership providers that are tied to CRM contacts and leads.

Shan McArthur