Case View Filter - Strange Behavior

Sep 1, 2010 at 7:46 PM

I'm having some issues with the view cases page where some strange behavior is coming out of the page:

Here is an example of the behavior

Logged in
Showed my one case correctly

Changed the drop down to “my company’s”  showed my company’s two cases correctly

Changed the drop down to all, showed my one case and my company’s two cases correctly

Switched back to my cases – showed nothing

Switched to my company’s, showed nothing

Switched to all.. showed my case only

Switched to my company, showed nothing,

Switched to all, showed nothing

Switched back to My cases... showed my one case again..


Is there some sort of caching issue going on here?  The views work correctly on my first time through, but then have sporadic behavior after that.

In a slightly related note, I have been unable to find some well defined text around how case/contact./account access should be set up for the users.. is there anything out there?