websitecopy.exe on Hyper V - Windows Server 2008 Standard

Sep 15, 2010 at 6:04 AM

I am having problems using websitecopy.exe when copying the customerportal.xml to CRM in a virtual terminal in Hyper V.  I have successfully utilized this tool to copy the webportal xml in the past in Windows Server 2008 Standard.  Any chance I would need to use a different syntax on the .cmd file.  The environment I am working is has SBS 2008 with a Hyper V terminal that uses Windows Server 2008 Standard.  Here is what I have in the .cmd file that worked for me previously...

c:\users\adminstrator\desktop\websitecopy.exe /targetConnectionString:"Authentication Type=AD; Server=http://crmserver/orgname/; User ID=domain\user; Password=password;" /targetWebSiteName:"Customer Portal" /sourcefile:C:\users\administrator\desktop\customerportal.xml

When I run the .cmd file I get an error that websitecopy.exe isn't recognized as an internal or external command.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because this is very frustrating.  Is there another website copy workaround if this cannot work in a Hyper V environment?  I wouldn't think a vitual terminal would make a difference but I have no past experience working with a virtual machine.


Sep 15, 2010 at 6:16 AM

Nevermind....I found my mistake.  :)