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HELP! Setting Up in a non-English environement


Hi all,
I'm trying to get that portal working on our CRM 4.0 but it fails when importing customisations.
At first it said customisations could not be imported because language 1033 (english) was not on our system which is french (1036)
So I opened the file in VS2010 and replaced all occurences of 1033 with 1036.
But it still fails at importing customisations without saying anything about the reason now obviously there is another problem...
The only thing is that it completely mess up our CRM and I have to restore the customisation Backup File for it to work again
Did I do something wrong with changing 1033 to 1036?
If anyone has an idea about what could be failing, please Help, I'd really like this portal to work in our environnement.
Thanks a lot.